The Guild of Mysterious Order

Genly's Crafting Query


[Beartka] – While ordering at the bar in the Guild of Mysterious Order, the barkeep Genly approaches you with more than a drink. He looks bashful, and kind of nervous, which is out of the character you've seen him as.

"So, eh, I heard ye make things? Was wondering if ye had any interest in making something for me. It's an idea I've had for a long time, but I'm not very, eh, crafty."


she gives warm smile to offset small amount of ooze coming out of neck “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

Genly's Crafting Query

You notice Genly avoiding eye contact with you and your neck wound.

“Well… see, it’s all about drinks. You know how some drinks are hot, and some drinks are cold, but whether hot or cold, all drinks become room temperature pretty quickly. So, I was, eh, thinking that maybe there was something that could be done about it. Probably very complex, I’m sure. Something that keeps drinks hotter or colder for longer. Probably have to hook up tons of extremely high tech to feed into coils, and all things I don’t know about.

But if you could come up with some type of solution, I’d pay ya handsomely for it, and name it after you to boot! Free advertising never hurt anyone…. well, except for Gary. Free advertising led his assassins right to him. Who knew he was wanted!"

Genly's Crafting Query

“Beargaw rest Gary’s soul. Poor thing. I would be happy to help you out with that! Perhaps some kind of insulating device for drink containers! We could even put your establishment’s name and an image on them and you could sell them as souvenirs. It could be free advertising for you as well and only available at your bar. You could boast the hottest or coldest drinks in town!”

Perhaps these insulating devices only fit on your drink containers which also have your info on them. This also leaves space for an “upgraded” (more expensive) product later that has the insulation built into to container.

Genly's Crafting Query

Genly laughs aloud and smacks the bar with an open hand. Finally, he gives you eye contact. “I knew you’d understand! That sounds perfect! Let me know whatever you need to get started, and I’ll see it done.”

(( This would now be an opportunity to explain to me what you’d like to create, and we’ll assign a level to it and difficulty, and as a result, start to figure out / make up rules together how crafting works :) ))

Genly's Crafting Query
“Ill start working on designs and get with you in the next few days!”
Genly's Crafting Query

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