The Guild of Mysterious Order

Red Light District Curiosities


 [Object] – While walking about, trying to understand the world by taking in the sights of the red light district, you notice a woman talking to another woman (whom by her purple dress and silver chain belt, you have come to know indicates an employee of the nearby brothel).

You watch their interaction closely, which seems to be a standard transaction. However, you randomly choose to scan the area at that moment. In doing so, you notice a figure that wasn't there before, an outline of a person that seems to not be fully corporeal. The figure looks up at you, shocked for a moment, and then smiles and puts its one finger to its lip (as a "shhhh" motion). The figure winks then steps inside the woman speaking to the brothel mistress. There is a slight twitch on the woman's face, and then the interaction proceeds as normal. The woman in purple takes the other's hand, and begins leading her back to the establishment.



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